Friday, August 14, 2009

Fresh tomato basil and mozzerella!


To go along with Erica's post, I thought I'd share my favorite version of her salad. Not really a recipe, but very yummy. We didn't grow much this year with moving in the spring but next year I plan on having a nice sized garden. We did get a tomato plant and basil to grow for us though and have been very much enjoying them.

Start by making some french bread.
Place thickly sliced tomatoes on a slice of bread
chiffonade your basil (I usually do this but in the picture above I skipped this step) and add on top of your tomato
slice some fresh mozzarella and pile it on.(using fresh mozzarella rather than just the regular stuff makes all the difference)
Then top with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Or you can use a salad dressing of your choice. I like to use the good seasons spicy Italian salad dressing mix.

This might be my favorite summer time food.


paul and mona said...

yum! i ate this all the time when we were in florida and i wasnt as successful in making it at home. yours looks great
i will have to give it a go

Tree said...

What does chiffonade mean?
I await your response because your picture made my mouth water.

life at mono lake said...

i finally looked up chiffonade